Silver Oak Twomey
2017 Timeless Napa Valley red wine

2017 Timeless Napa Valley

Tasting Notes

The first vintage of Timeless Napa Valley is a harmonious wine that deftly balances elegant integration of both high acidity and supple fruit to create a wine with ageworthy structure and character.

Neither location nor variety can be overlooked when tasting this wine. Notes of pomegranate and cherry signify the ever-present diurnal shift at the property while aromas of wisteria, licorice and mint indicate attention paid to each block and their individually timed harvests. Carried by essences of rose, plum and tart red fruit, a mouthwatering ripple of bright acidity meets balancing, savory flavors of minty balsam, licorice and stewed black fruits. The dichotomy of plush, ripe fruit that still maintains high acidity is a rare result of the long growing season and multiple-pass harvesting techniques.

Once fermented and blended, the 2017 vintage rested in French oak barrels for 16 months. This time is marked by flavors of black pepper, cacao, cozy mulling spices and velvety tannins. Integrated with that of the oak barrels, natural grape tannins provide firm grip and complex flavors on the palate.

Vintage Description

Spring brings new life and optimism to the rugged foothills of Soda Canyon Ranch each year. 2017 was a welcome contrast to the previous five winters, with hard rains flooding the Napa River—the meandering centerline of the Napa Valley. Due east at Soda Canyon Ranch, the gravelly and rocky soil is a reservoir for plants to rapidly grow early in the season, but can also drain not long after bloom. Come July, the benevolent weather pattern shifted and a short but distinct pattern of parched, arid weather defined the late summer. Decades of experience at Soda Canyon Ranch informed decisive viticultural action. In the end, Mother Nature’s mischief was short-lived and replaced by glorious, mild summer conditions.

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